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acoma workshop

updated mon 30 sep 96 on sun 15 sep 96

I have just complete the workshop conducted by the Acoma potters, Emma Lewis
Mitchell and Dolores Lewis Garcia. Some of you may have seen them on the
Discovery Channel recently, or read Susan Peterson's book about their mother,
Lucy Lewis. It was well worth my time and money. I thank John Bobeda (from
Cabrillo College) for putting this on Clayart.

Along with the instruction, there was an opportunity to work with the Acoma clay
their special white slip and the mineral paints that they use.
With the exception of some extra commercial clay, all of the class materials was
brought from the Acoma reservation in New Mexico to Santa Cruz, CA. That
includes the materials for the dung firing that we had today.

I came away learing a lot about their techniques. I also learned some of their
of living in this world. Finally, I learned patience, as anyone working with yu
brushes for the first time will learn.

The class ran from professionals with their own studios and a ommunity college
instructor to complete novices, and we all came away pleased.

Wes Rolley
Looking across Anderson Lake and wondering if I can go gather dung from the
ranch on the other side. CrossPlatform Creativity
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