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about saggar fire

updated wed 30 apr 97


Fumio Shimada on sat 12 apr 97

Fumio Shimada wrote;

Dear clayarter.
My first time to send my question to clayarter from Japan.
ON 14th April, I'd like to try fire the saggar fire.
Could you suggest me about American style saggar fire?
Last summer, I had a experiance the saggar fire at TCC with
Professor Rick Mahaffey, but that time I just only participant.
This time, I'm going to start 960c into reduction fire, but I don't
know what temperature shoud I stop,as best color condition.
In Japan, we usually use Seger Corn. It's little bit different
temperature from Orton Cone. So I'd like to know what temparture
by Centigrade or Fahrenheit when I stop fireing the saggar fire.

What material should I put in the saggar case. For example,
peer bananas, saeweeds, copper strings, iron strings, sawdust,
anything else?

I hope, I'm waiting any suggestion,any advice about saggar fire.

Thank you.