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about crazing and simon pearce

updated sat 30 nov 96


Sandra Dwiggins on sat 30 nov 96

I just came back from lunch at an upscale shopping center near my office
and guess what I saw!!!! A store called Simon Pearce with glorious
celadon functional dinnerware and pitchers, and serving bowls in the
window---very very elegant----and all with fine crackle crazing all over
the pieces. Not only were the celadon pieces crackle but also a creamy
white glaze that is, I understand, new for Simon, also has fine crackle all
through it. The black temmoku--the third choice--does not have crackle.
Judging by the business the store was doing, I don't think anyone paid
any attention to the crackle!

By the way, Simon, the store down here in Bethesda Maryland is very
tasteful, elegant and in just the right shopping mall to catch all the
embassy crowd!