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updated fri 4 jul 03


M. S. Davis on wed 16 jul 97

Our Potters Tour this summer took us to Ireland, Wales and England.
Our main motivation for going was the International Festival of Potters
in Aberystwyth which we attended, and enjoyed so much, two years ago.
And - we weren't disappointed!
David and Margaret Frith (from Wales) demonstrated the techniques
that make their work so attractive as well as devoting time to their
glazes. Jeff Oestreich, who had given a workshop to the potters of North
Carolina in March, gave lucid examples of how he produces his interesting
teapots. He did the U.S. proud! The international character of the
Festival was well illustrated with potters from all over: Miroslav Paral
from the Czech Republic, Anna Zamorska from Poland, Rina Kimche from
Israel, Ian Gregory from Australia, Martin Mindermann from Germany, Sandor
Kecsemeti from Hungary, etc.
Two years ago Gwen Heeney, with the help of attending potters,
constructed a marvelous clay structure of a dragon on the green, some 25
feet across. This year attending potters were asked by Sue Halls to make
animals in a project called "A Field of Animals for Aberystwyth." She
provided a few helpful hints for those in need of them. What a glorious
sight that huge terrace in front of the Art Building became! About an
acre with hundreds upon hundreds of animals of all sizes, elephants,
hippopotomi, giraffes, etc. etc. etc., grouped by genre and by
Again, Aberystwyth was a wonderful 5-ring circus. Not enough
time to absorb all the delights that were available.
Morris and Dorothy Davis
Chapel Hill, NC

Russel Fouts on tue 1 jul 03

Ok, plane, train, accomodations and the festival are all booked! Thank
you all for your help.

So! Who am I going to see there?


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
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Mo Cain on wed 2 jul 03

Joyce..Try this....

Abba wrist wi(th) the th as in thistle.

mo cain atlanta..expat Isle of Wight

Janet Kaiser on thu 3 jul 03

Don't listen to Wight Islanders, Joyce! Especially ex-pats! They don't know
nothing about us Celts and our tongue twisting speech patterns, maliciously
invented to confuse all the 'orrible foreigners from pre-Roman times

Say it in three no, make that four bits:

A- (hard, as in ass)
-berrrrrrrrrrr (we like to roll the Rs... like Edith Piaf)
-ust (like "just", without the juh)
-with (little-girl-lost, lisped pronunciation)



Means Ystwythmouth... the Mouth of the (river) Ystwyth... (the word
"ystwyth" is an adjective and actually means pliant or supple -- maybe even
meandering at a pinch)
Yes, I know Plymouth and Weymouth are easier, but they are in England... We
have our standards to keep up! Only slip up occasionally like allowing
"Abermo" to become known as "Barmouth" in the 19th Cent. Couldn't happen

Janet :-) the spell check is not going to like this post one little bit...!

>Joyce..Try this....
>Abba wrist wi(th) the th as in thistle.
>mo cain atlanta..expat Isle of Wight
TRUTH is too precious to tell every fool who asks for it...
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