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a workshop with eden on paradise hill

updated thu 31 oct 96


Sharon Miranda on sun 20 oct 96

Sounds good, right! Well, ever since I saw Eleanora's work at a fair, I was
dying to know how she did it. Beautifully thin, elegant shapes (out of
earthenware), brightly painted luscious designs, evocative of the New
England environment, begging to be displayed, used, eaten off of, black
background with bright colors on top, or white background with flowers so
delicate you could practically smell them.
So I asked and Eleanora Eden (you know her well) offered and I am here to
say that my one day workshop with her last summer was everything I wanted.
To begin with, it was my own workshop , me alone, to tailor as I wanted,
and get all my questions, even dumb ones answered. I had a full day with
Eleanora, making molds,for which she has long experience, good
explanations, great handouts, many interesting tips. I watched as Eleanora
designed and painted pots in her inimitable way: deft, rhythmic, exacting,
colorful. The tips about using the underglazes were precious, the stories
that flowed through the day were often hilarious, the work emerged
beautifully crafted, with great attention to detail.
I am impressed by her integrity - had to look 3 times at what Eleanora
called a second, but most of all by the open and geniune sharing that took
place in this workshop, and beyond. And of course by the work, by her
evolution as an artist of exacting standards, combined withexciting shapes,
colors and playful designs.
I went away full of ideas, tips, lots to think about and let swirl around
inside me, and much gratitude (did I mention this all took place the day
before Eleanora had a huge fair to get ready for?).
This was a very unusual workshop, which I highly recommend to anyone with
interest in getting to know and watch a wonderful and generous artist.

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