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a semester almost abroad program at university of hawai`i

updated sun 31 aug 97


Suzanne Wolfe on fri 8 aug 97

If any clayarters are interested in spending some time in Hawai'i, the
University of Hawai'i has a semester ALMOST Abroad program. Our ceramics
facility is excellent, with three big workrooms, glazing room, kiln room
with high fire gas, electric, raku, and pit. Offerings for Spring 98 will
be intermediate level hand-building and throwing, and advanced level low
temperature ceramics (includes moldmaking, with emphasis on surface
treatment). Art history program, of course, has numerous offerings in
both Chinese and Japanese areas. If any one is interested you may contact
me (Suzanne Wolfe -- or for more general information
Roger Long (email below).
Following is the message I received about the program, and thought it
might be interesting to someone out there.

Dear Colleague:

The University of Hawai`i wishes to inform you of its new A
Semester ALMOST Abroad program. Created to provide a select number
of students access to a wide range of Asian and Pacific courses and
experiences, it will be available in Spring 1998.

Because of its unique geographic location and history of
Asian/Pacific Island immigration, the University of Hawai`i has
evolved an unparalleled Asian/Pacific curriculum. We currently
teach over 300 courses with specific Asian/Pacific focus, including
19 Asian languages.

If you have students who you believe would benefit from additional
exposure to the richness of Asia and Pacific cultures, A Semester
ALMOST Abroad will provide a stimulating option within their
academic program.

We hope this program will appeal to your faculty and your students.
Additional information regarding this unique program is available
on the A Semester ALMOST Abroad website located at

If you wish to discuss the program or have any questions or
comments, please contact me at via e-mail at "".

Sincerely yours,
Roger A. Long
Associate Dean
College of Arts and Humanities
University of Hawai`i at Manoa