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a question please...address, postal service, and ups monopoly

updated fri 28 feb 97


Hiro Matsusaki on tue 18 feb 97

Hi, Tom and Other Clayarters:

Thanks for the comment on my posting. I appreciated it.

You are interested in knowing my address as a techie. You are not alone.

Please realize that I have two Pentiums. One is never kept on line, for fear
of viruses and a possible attack from hackers. I am a private person. My
house was broken into a couple of years back. So, I started to take some
precautions. I no longer give my address away. Actually, I do not have one,
due to the new boxes the Canadian postal system placed all over the country
to save money without realizing that this would increase my gasoline budget.
They did it before they realized that the box number you choose (for which
privilege you must pay) is not the same as the fixed, physical address in
this vast wilderness. They are still working on it. Changing the tune does
not necessarily makes it a better music. The problem does not disappear by
any administrative decree. I remember three of them were already recanted.
They are still at work.

A thief somehow managed to break into our house, and it did damage my psyche,
more than anything else, since the insurance covered the rest, but the hassle
to recover was not worth it. So, about the address, who knows, someone may
be privy to our emails. But, I say, that, luckily, I do not live in the
U.S., where crime rates are like insurance rates. One is bad enough, I say,
we don't need two. But we in Canada are disadvantaged. Even innocent
looking UPS I used shafted me at least on four occasions. I know. The
customs also put their hands in the till. But I needed the craft items,
pottery books, or whatever, but not that much in a hurry. Once, I sent back
a couple of candlemaking (read beeswax) videos to the sender. It cost me a
lot, in the long run. Well...well..... So I stay away from this address
bit, and the UPS, if I can afford it. They have a near monopoly, and easy to
raise the price. Just like as a potter if I have a monopoly on some pots, I
can charge a bundle and can get away with it. UPS, I cannot live without
them. But I don't want to pay the price. The maligned postal service sounds
better sometimes. There should be a better way out. But, there are all
sorts of traps out there. So, this is for you and other clayarters who may
benefit from my experience. HM