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8th national ceramic conference, canberra australia.

updated wed 31 jul 96


Leonard Smith on wed 3 jul 96

20 years ago I was on the organising committee for the 1st NCC held in
Sydney. We were not sure whether the concept would last but at the time I
thought it was a good idea to get a large group of Australian potters
together every 2 or 3 years. Well it is still going with plans already for
one in Perth in 1998.

I'm about to head down to Canberra tomorrow to set up an exibition I've
curated of the work of some of the members of the Potters' Society of
Australia. We are also launching our new "Potters' Directory" with over 150
potters represented.

In all there will probably be about 500 Australian potters there and, as it
is titled 'International Connnections', there will be a fair contingent of
overseas participants as well. I am giving a paper on the WWW and am on the
Glaze Doctor Panel. I will probably make some connections during our time
down there and I and others will send you reports hopefully as interesting
as the ones from Finland.

If any Clayarters are attending please make yourself know so we can get
together for a drink or two and share stories about the net and the list.

I will be of line for about a week.

Best wishes

Leonard Smith ARCADIA STUDIOS Email:

10 Marrakesh Place
Arcadia, 2159, NSW, Australia. Phone + 61 2 653 2507