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1st annual clayarters' gallery ...was(re: another rejection)

updated fri 28 feb 97


Talbott on fri 28 feb 97

Read your letter on rejection and had a similar experience last
fall. Celia and I saw pottery at the exhibit that was far below in quality
compared to what we had. And that was also in the opinion of other potters
in the show... Politics, unfortunately, too often enters into some of these
juries. You are welcome to participate in our exhibit in Naples this
summer along with at least 30 other potters... What is more you will be
able to know who the other participants are and contact them directly since
I send updated directories that includes introductions of the participants.
We are getting attention from the Maine Publicity Bureau and Ceramics
Monthly which will advertise the event in their calendar column and maybe
even more. This is I hope the beginning of something that will one day
capture the attention of many pottery enthusiasts.... If interested just
contact me directly....

Best Wishes... Marshall

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Well, I just got my rejection from Ceramics 97'. They worded it to make
>you fee not so rejected but it never works and was a little bizarre: "Turn
>disappointment into anger, anger into resolve and resolve into spirited
> OK OK OK I'm angry already! I really worked on these pieces so I'm going
>to send them to another jury (Feats of Clay) and see if I can get really
>rejected. Further disappointment is not possible and is unproductive.
>Cyberventing is truly therepeutic. I don't need consolation and I know
>that some of you out there have gone through the same thing. Nuf said.
>Don in Albuquerque

{contact me directly for more information}
Celia & Marshall Talbott
Pottery By Celia
Route 114
P.O. Box 4116
Naples, Maine 04055-4116
(207)693-6100 voice and fax

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