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^6-7 black glaze needed

updated tue 30 apr 96


Lori Wilkinson on sun 31 mar 96

Help please. Being the liaison between The Roswell Museum and Art Center I
ask if anyone has a tried and true receipe for a shiney black glaze ^ 6-7
for oxidation. It will be used on Dillo White clay. Sorry for the rush
request but we up against a deadline on another service type project. TIA

Lori Wilkinson in Roswell NM where the wind just won't quit. Oh to be able
to sawdust fire... on mon 1 apr 96

Here's a glaze I adapted from ^10 (just leave out the lithium for ^10). It's
a very glossy black black with a very long firing range in either oxidation
or reduction. You may want to add just a touch of chreome oxide. I've handed
this glaze out in my tile workshops for years, and I know a lot of people
have had success with it.
Larry's Black
Custer Spar 42
Whiting 13
Barium Carb. 2
Silica 20
Lithium Carb. 5
Cobalt Carb. 3
Iron Ox. 4
Manganese Diox. 2
Happy Glazing,
Paul Lewing