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^6 weathered bronze glaze

updated fri 28 feb 97


Kris Griffith on thu 20 feb 97

While looking through my glazes to answer the question on a textured glaze, =
found my Pennell Strontium Matt Weathered Bronze/Blue glaze recipe. It is
actually 2 in one. The base glaze is the same, with one set of colorants =
get the Bronze, the other you get more of the blue. The only notes I have =
the recipe state, it is a very dry matt glaze, good for sculpture, but not =
functional ware. I note that it came from CM supplemental 94 pg 31

Pinnell Strontium Matt
Lithium Carb 1.0
Strontium Carb 20.0
Neph sy 60.0
Ball 10.0
Flint 9.0

Weathered Bronze Titanium diox. 5.0
Copper Carb 5.0

Weathered Blue Colbolt Carb .15
Copper Carb 4.0 on fri 21 feb 97

Any similar recipes for a "Weathered Bronze" Glaze that would fire in the
cone 04-cone1 range? If so, please forward. Thanks, Peter Jackson.

Dinah Collopy on sat 22 feb 97

Why wouldn't this glaze work for functioal ware? I've used it on some large
platters and it looks good. I can't think of anything in the receipe that
wouldn't be OK for functioal ware.