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^6 violet (correction!)

updated mon 31 mar 97 on mon 24 mar 97

Sorry Mike!! Boy did my fingers slip..... That last recipe I sent for
Lavender Satin was waaaay incomplete. (S'what I get for trying to type and
talk at the same time.)

Lavender Satin ^6 - ^7 (ox)

Flint 29.59
Gerstley Borate 21.11
Neph Sy 12.32
Talc 11.83
Dolomite 11.83
Ball clay 8.28 (I use OM-4)
Spodumene 5.03

Cobalt Carbonate 2%

Nice differences tween thick and thin applications, and sort of periwinkle
where it breaks over carved edges.

Bob Kavanaugh, do you recognize this? It's the white satin you sent me about
a year ago. I've been playing with it! Thanks for the recipe!

Kat Neely-Jones
Salem, Oregon