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^6 pink glazes

updated tue 31 dec 96


Janet H Walker on mon 16 dec 96

First thing to say is, I haven't tried this glaze but I ran into it
just last night in a newly acquired book. I was interested because
if it works, it is a way to get pink without having to mess with

Powder Box Pink ^5-6 ox
Ferro frit 3134 50
Ball clay 15
Whiting 5
Flint 25
Tin oxide 7

Interesting, yes? Where does the color come from you ask? Well, saith
the book:
"Combinations of boric oxide materials with tin oxide and/or rutile
and/or zinc oxide produce brilliant pinks."

This is an amazing book, by the way, for people who can't stop buying
books on glazes and glaze materials: Out of the Earth; Into the Fire
by Mimi Obstler, published 1996 by the American Ceramic Society. I
got it at the Potters Shop (thanks, Steve).

The book makes reference to a pink glaze in a Ceramics Monthly article
January 1982 in which "a combination of Gerstley Borate, tin oxide, and
dark rutile produces boudoir pink in a high-lithium, high silica,
cone 6 glaze." If that description doesn't send pink enthusiasts rushing
to the library, I don't know what will!!

Jan Walker
Cambridge MA USA