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^6 pink glaze

updated tue 31 dec 96


Robert Speirs, M.D. 766 X4450 on sat 14 dec 96

Here are 2 pink glazes I tested with good results:

Mirjana's Pink ^6

Strontium Carb 2.3 (instead of barium)

Gerstley Borate 7.4
Lithium Carb 2.3
Magnesium Carb 8.6
Whiting l6.4
Neph sye 27.3
Flint 35.7
Tin oxide 3.5
Rutile 3.0

My first test was somewhat underfired and yielded a pearly pale pink
satin. When I tried another test at true ^6 I got a much pinker result
which was also a satin finish.

^6 Pink Glaze

Ferro frit 3134 32
Custer feldspar 23
Flint 22
EPK l6
Wollastonite 7
Mason stain 6020 7

This gave me a very nice smooth pink, my notes say.

I just wish I could think of what to put these glazes on that would be
appropriate and sell other than a baby shower gift! Nonetheless, these
are very pretty glazes. Good luck.

Laura in Oregon