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^6 ox. cream breaking red - tom buck's conversation

updated mon 31 mar 97


Judith Anspacher Enright on tue 25 mar 97

I tested Tom's conversion of the Cream Breaking Red -- it came out
nicely with some speckling and very thin flashes of orange/red. I'd add
more RIO and definitely seive this mixture.

Also tried Lana's Aqua Bronze which is a definite hit.

Pinnell's Weathered Green Bronze, although very dramatic, produced for
me the same blistering that was discussed last week. I brushed this on
the outside/inside of a bowl and the blisters were profuse. On a 1-oz.
test cup there were no problems. I'm thinking the glaze may have been a
bit too thick, and will thin it a bit.

That's all for now -- Judith Enright @ Black Leopard Clayware & Pottery.