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^6 glossy gun metal grey

updated thu 31 jul 97


Ric Swenson on thu 17 jul 97

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Looking for a good ^8 Gun Metal glaze. If anyone has one let me know...

Closest I could find in my ancient glaze secrets and wizard spells book was
a cone 6 gunmetal grey. Recipe, if I am correct in remembering the source
came from Alex Combs, Anchorage Community College, circa 1973, Alex now of
Halibut Cove, Alaska.

Gunmetal Gray Cone 6

potash feldspar 39.15
flint (silica) 25.35
E.P. Kaolin 7.32
Whiting 12.67
Zinc Oxide 6.76
Cobalt oxide 2.53
Red iron oxide 3.66
Mang. Dioxide 2.53 ( toxic in dust form...use PPE (personal Protective

To get to cone 8 you could experiment with the % of first three
more clay less silica and/ or spar...(?) To lower a PCE (pyrometric cone
equivalent) or two substitute Nepheline Syenite for all or part of the

Mix well...ball mill for a time if assure mix of cobalt,iron
and Mang....

Hope this helps.


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