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^6 eggplant purple

updated mon 30 sep 96


Jeanne Ormsby on sat 28 sep 96

This is a semi gloss eggplant purple glaze given to me by a nice person I
met at a glaze workshop:

45.7 Soda Feldspar
15.2 Flint
12.7 Talc
12.9 Gerstley Borate
9.0 Dolomite
4.5 EPK

1.0 Bentonite
2.0 Cobalt Carbonate
5.0 Manganese Carbonate

I particularly like it on the warm brown clay that I normally use.

Elca Branman on sun 29 sep 96

And what cone please, ox or red?

Jeanne Ormsby on sun 29 sep 96

At 11:11 AM 9/29/96 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>And what cone please, ox or red?
>Cone 6 (^6) and oxidation--sooo sorry--I was replying to the earlier
request for cone 6 ox glazes.