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^6 crm brking red, pinnell's, lana's recipes....

updated mon 31 mar 97


Judith Enright on thu 27 mar 97

Toni, Laura, Martha, Deni and others who may be interested: Mea culpa
-- I committed the faux pas of giving test results without the recipes
or further information. That's what I get for being in a rush, and
I'm sorry. Herewith:

The following were tested on ^6 porcelain bisqued at ^04, as well as a
^04-^6 terra cotta, also bisqued at ^04. Without exception, the terra
cotta results were abysmal.

Recipes are in percentages, fired in oxidation. I recommend judicious
sieving of these glazes.


Custer feldspar 41
Gerstley Borate 22
Whiting 9
Strontium carb 3
Flint 25

ADD: Tin oxide 13
Red iron ox. 2 (or up it to 4)

Very nice, smooth yellowish-cream with VERY thin flashes of orangy red
with 2% RIO. Brownish speckling on inside of test cup.


Neph Sye 50
Strontium Carb 50

ADD: Gerstley Bor. 3.5
Bentonite 3
Copper Carb 4

This is a rich deep aqua with large splotches of bronze that appear as
they want -- i.e., this doesn't break bronze over edges or modelling.
This needs to be applied somewhat thickly, as thin spots are totally
uninteresting, but give bottoms a wide swathe, or fettle the glaze
near bottoms as this likes to run.

The following is the base glaze from which the Weathered Bronze Green
is derived -- there are additives for other colors listed after the
base. I've only tested the WBG. What I got on a bowl was blistering
that rivaled the ravaged face of Baron Harkonnen in DUNE. The test
cup came through much better -- this looks exactly like it sounds and
has a sort of sugary/crystally effect (I held this in the sunlight and
nearly went blind). Definitely not for food surfaces.


Neph Sye 60
Strontium Carb 20
Ball Clay 10
Flint 9
Lithium Carb 1

Bonnie Hellman suggests adding 2% bentonite since this glaze wants to
settle rock-hard quickly. (Thanks, Bonnie!)

for Weathered Bronze, ADD:
Titanium Dioxide 5
Copper Carb 5

for Weathered/Periwinkle Blue, ADD:
Cobalt Carb .15
Copper Carb 4

for Dark Mottled Green, ADD:
Copper Carb 8

for White, ADD:
Titantium Dioxide 5

for Cream/Tan, ADD:
Rutile 6

for Charcoal, ADD:
Manganese Dioxide 2
Copper Carb 5

for Dark Gold/White, ADD
Mason stain 6485
or Titanium yellow 6

Happy testing!

-- Judith Enright @ Black Leopard Clayware & Pottery