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^6 clay favorites?

updated sat 31 may 97


BJ Hulley on sun 4 may 97

I'm looking for a good, dependable, white, vitreous claybody (for
handthrown oven/tableware) sold premixed and pugged. My clay is
Plainsman M340 (buff) but I need something that looks clean in the
unglazed gallery of an otherwise white glazed casserole dish and
vitreous for the same reason. I'm hoping the ^6 Ashe clay (Mile High
Clays, Denver, Colorado) will stand up to the abuse that oven and
tableware takes over time or should I keep looking? I sent away for
technical info. from Mile High but have gotten no response yet. I've
tried Plainsman P300 and P380 (and Laguna ^6 B-Mix).
I thank you for your advice in advance.

Another perfect rainy, cloudy, sunny day in the Okanagan (played inside
and threw pots all morning and played outside in the garden pulling
weeds all afternoon :))