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^6 clay favorites

updated sat 31 may 97


CDANIELLE on tue 6 may 97

> BJ Hulley wrote:

> I'm looking for a good, dependable, white, vitreous claybody (for
> handthrown oven/tableware) sold premixed and pugged. My clay is
> Plainsman M340 (buff) but I need something that looks clean in the
> unglazed gallery of an otherwise white glazed casserole dish and
> vitreous for the same reason. I'm hoping the ^6 Ashe clay (Mile High
> Clays, Denver, Colorado) will stand up to the abuse that oven and
> tableware takes over time or should I keep looking? I sent away for
> technical info. from Mile High but have gotten no response yet. I've
> tried Plainsman P300 and P380 (and Laguna ^6 B-Mix).
> I thank you for your advice in advance.
> Another perfect rainy, cloudy, sunny day in the Okanagan (played
> and threw pots all morning and played outside in the garden pulling
> weeds all afternoon :))

Hi BJ,
I'm interested in Plainsman M340. My local clay supplier won't sell
Plainsman unless I order a ton of it. I tried contacting Plainsman, but
they haven't gotten back to me. I can't find a mail order company that
sells it. I would really like to try it. How do you like it? Do you
think you might be able to help me get a small sample of it? I tried
sending this directly to you but I got a "user unknown" mail delivery

Gabe Thomas
Springfield Oregon