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^10 pink glaze

updated fri 28 feb 97


Craig Martell on fri 21 feb 97


Well. this glaze isn't exactly what some of you have asked for, but it's a
very nice, extremely reliable pink glaze for cone 10 Ox. OK, I know you
wanted one for reduction but this is what I've got, and I guess something is
better than nothing?

I made this glaze many years ago by trying flux substitutions in glazes to
encourage the development of chrome-tin pinks and reds. As Julie Atwood
pointed out Barium will aid in the development of pinks but so will Lithium
and Calcium. My tests showed good color response in glazes with Barium, but
the best pinks and reds that I got were in glazes with Lithium and a lot of
Calcium. That was nice, because I wouldn't have to use Barium to get the
color that I wanted.

This glaze is so sensitive to chrome, that it developed a light pink blush
from the chromium that fumed from the kiln elements. At first I didn't
understand how I got the pink without adding some sort of chrome material to
the glaze. A bit of reading and thinking about the alloy in Kanthal element
wire led me to the conclusion that the pink was coming from element fuming.
Also, the pink blush was stonger in tiles nearer the elements.

Sorry this is getting sort of long. I used this base with overglaze
brushwork with Mason chrome-tin stains and got strong reliable colors.
There is blushing and fuming from the stain application that produces more
delicate pinks in the rest of the piece. OK, I'm done and will post the
receipe. Test, test, test.
This glaze has fluorspar, which emits flourine gas so don't apply it TOO
thick or you can get some bubbling, but this is rare.

Pink Base (cone 10 Ox.)

dolomite 4.7%
whiting 15.9
g-200 feldspar 20.2
fluorspar 5.0
petalite 5.0
EPK kaolin 18.9
amorphous silica 30.3
tin oxide 3.0 do not substitute this material
macaloid 1.5