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^10 oxidation glaze test results

updated mon 31 mar 97 on wed 12 mar 97

I also tested some of the same ^10 clayart glazes, but in reduction firing
using a Miller #900 ( buff colored stoneware). "I of the toad " came out
exactly as stated- a really pretty green textured matte. I'm looking forward
to seeing the results of a larger batch that is on a piece "in the fire as we
I also tried both waxy turquois and waxy forrest green.As Sam said in his
oxidation results, the glazes did dot run, they were satin, but I found the
colors to be fairly flat.
One other glaze that I tested was Pablo's Red. The recipe is not handy at the
moment. At any rate it came out a pretty opaque red on porcelain, but washed
out on the buff stoneware.
Last test was for a clear matt. On both stoneware and porcelain it came out
quite glossy. I'm really getting into this testing thing. Barbara in Lyme,Ct.
P.S. My new Skutt 1027 finally arrived. The initial test fire is almost
complete. Then I get to try it out for real!