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^10 missing pp.carleton ball syllabus

updated mon 31 mar 97


Emily Henderson on fri 28 mar 97

Morning all...I've been talking to June about some glazes and it turns out
we both are aware of an old Carleton Ball glaze. She from remembered
association; me from checking an old copy I have of the typescript of his
syllabus. What we were both looking at is the following glaze:

Magnesium Mat cone 9-11
Feldspar 41%
colemanite 12
dolomite 7
talc 15
ball clay 5
flint 20

My text immedaitely following reads:
"Bright transparent glazes allow colors to show well but in general....etc"
This appears on pg 47. of my typescript. Unfortunately, pg. 46 is missing
of my copy as well as pp. 40-44.

I inherited the typescript from a teacher and am delighted I've got it (it
even includes class responsibilities and where to keep tools take care of
glazes etc.) but I sure would like the missing pages. If anybody has them,
I'd be thrilled to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for a copy and the
xeroxing costs. At this point, I haven't any info on the colorants to add
to the glazes? TIA Emily in Astoria where my head is clogged, I can't
breathe, those lousy flowers are everwhere and the sun it still don't shine.
How DO they GROW?

George Mackie on sat 29 mar 97

Dear Emily in Astoria

My copy of the Carlton Ball typescript from U. of Puget Sound includes
a cone/10 magnesia mat glaze similar to yours but with kaolin not ball
clay and the notes say:
2% red iron oxide gives a green tan
6% red iron oxide gives a black brown
3% of cobalt oxide gives a strong violet


LAWRENCE BONHAM on sat 29 mar 97

A friend gave me a Carleton Ball syllabus he used at the University of
Puget Sound. Pages 45-48 cover Firing Schedules, so it must be a
different edition. It contains recipes similar to the one you are
interested in, but they use Kaolin instead of Ball Clay. And I
couldn't find any text that goes with your quote. Sorry.