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^10 glaze search - "bronze green"

updated fri 28 feb 97


Ellen Baker on mon 17 feb 97

A potter-friend who recently travelled through Cape Cod said she saw a
great matte Cone 10 glaze on a wide variety of pots. Her description of
the glaze suggests the look of old/corroded bronze (something like the
patina of the Statue of Liberty). A Nor'easter shopkeeper called the glaze
"Bronze Green."

'Anybody familiar with this glaze? Of course, getting the RECIPE would be
ideal -- we'd happily test the glaze on western clays and report back. Any
and all leads whatsoever (glaze name, potter to contact directly, etc.)
would be welcome.

Thanks, and regards -- Ellen Baker, Orion Ceramic Studios - Glacier, WA

Dannon Rhudy on tue 18 feb 97


The glaze sound like Pinnel's Strontium Matt Green to me,
a ^6-9 glaze which when fired to ^10 gets grainy, slightly rough,
nice for sculptural stuff, candle holders, etc. At least,
that has been my experience of it. A nice glaze, but
tempermental. At ^8-9, beautiful color, lovely texture, sensual,

I'll post recipe, but expect it may be in the archives somewhere.
May be a day or three before I remember to bring it home.
And meantime, maybe someone else will have already done it...

Dannon Rhudy
----------------------original message--------
A potter-friend ...saw
great matte Cone 10 glaze ... called the glaze
"Bronze Green."

'Anybody familiar with this glaze?

Samantha Tomich on tue 18 feb 97

According to some notes (not with me, at school) a gorgeous ^10 glaze
named Bronze Green is Pete Pinnell's, also another (?) Bronze Blue or
Pinnell Blue Matt. I could get my notes when I go to Hilo sometime in
the next few days, or of course Pete Pinnell might answer this himself!

The Bronze Green is a medium green where thick, brownish greyish
blackish where thinner if I remember correctly.

Samantha in Hawaii

John L Worner on tue 18 feb 97


Gee, it's nice when a "Newbie" has a chance to answer.

Ceramics monthly posted a glaze like the one you want in the Feb.92 issue.
It is Called Reynolds Green Metal Patina Glaze - ^6. Maybe someone out
there would like to try to formulate it to go to ^10..........

We have successfully fired it to ^ 8. It does best at ^6 though. We have used
on red clays for Christmas ornaments.

Copper Carbonate 2.44
Lithium Carbonate 39.02
Ferro Frit 3124 29.27
Superpax 19.51
Flint 9.76

"This looks exactly like patinaed bronze. Without the copper it is matt white."

Hope this helps! :-)

Anne Worner