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^10 "teal" recipe:ideas on temp range please?

updated fri 28 feb 97


Emily P. Henderson on mon 17 feb 97

At 11:21 AM 2/16/97 EST, you wrote:
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>Hey y'all. Anyone have a nice teal green for ^10 you're willing to
>Lisa Skeen
>Living Tree Pottery
>Greensboro, NC
>Hi There........ Maybe I actually have something that will help. This is a
blue/green sort of tourquoise but very pretty that might be close to teal
(depending upon how you look at teal) or you might beable to make just the
tinest adjustments.

BLUE/GREEN (tourquoise/teal?) ^10 reduction (probably ok oxy too, test!)
Semi-Gloss Very Stable on the edges, light cream is about the right
thickness but you might test for 1-2 coats. Fired ^10 reduction (but I
expect the same results in Oxidation)

Potash Feldspar 39.05 % By weight
dolomite 12.92
colemanite (gerstley borate) 5.79
Magnesium Carbonate 2.36
Zinc Oxide 1.13
Kaolin 9.42
Flint 29.33

I have fired this over three stoneware bodies, one beige and two quite red
with equal success. I haven't tried it over porcelain though. If it's a
little thick, it becomes quite opaque, semi gloss. I prefer it as an
accent; its just too "teal" for me, but then again I hate coblat blue so you
can tell I won't make anything that sells.

I have no history to offer for this glaze and do not know its origin

I also don't know its firing range. Can any of you glaze gurus fiqure out
what the range might be for it? It seems to do quite well in a leaky kiln
with very untrustworthy and inconsistent heating. It seems quite forgiving
and I'd really like to know the range myself? I'd like to splash the stuff
around at a lower cone. Emily

Have fun Emily

June Perry on tue 18 feb 97


You didn't give the colorants in the teal glaze?????