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updated mon 31 mar 97


The Shelfords on sat 22 mar 97

I appreciated and agreed with Jonathan's post, and would like to add a
penn'orth of IMHO's.

Re: >I am amazed at the number of really basic questions... (snip)
..>I believe that while no question ever is stupid and need not be posed, what
>this does for me is illuminate the process by which we get our information,
>how we get it, and the quest and the need for information regardless of
>the level or method of one's education.
One of the reasons I think clayart is so terrific is that it is allows for
all levels of expertise (within reason - no-one is prepared to do a
student's basic research for him/her). I may know how to center and don't
have any trouble with it, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in how
others explain it. Nobody can know ALL the refinements of anything. Also,
a person can work in one area of clay for years and be highly proficient,
and then their interest is caught by some other direction, and they are
babes in the woods again. In a forum like clayart, they can just throw in
the question without worrying about it. (Or at least, they SHOULD be able
to do so - every now and then someone seems to have a bad day and shoots
from the hip. Or worse - DOESN'T READ THE QUESTION PROPERLY - been guilty
of that one often enough - but we keep trying.) Clayart has all the feel of
a big, easy-going, working studio, but with a vastly larger and more varied
group as colleagues. While obviously one has to be alert to myths passing
as facts, with a group this size, debatable points will be debated (had you
noticed?) Long may it live!

- Veronica

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