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: every child an artist

updated fri 28 feb 97


Timothy & Lauren Loftus on sun 16 feb 97


I agree completely. (Isn't NPR great?) Art isn't just something people do,
it's something they feel. I really believe that children should be
introduced to art at an early age along with ABC's and 123's, and it should
be given the same importance. Art is an ancient and important form of
communication, older than written language, older than mathematics, and
with-out art, history books would be really short.

The act of creating is sometimes as important for me, mentally, as my
finished work. It seems like the average kid would benefit as much or more
than I do from the opportunity, if only they were given the chance. (My 13
month old mostly shares his crayons with my dog, though.)

I guess there are some people out there who aren't inherent artists, but I
think most people would find great personal satisfaction in their creative
skills, if properly developed. It just takes practice.

On another subject, I really like Taiko's homepage. She and my Weimaraner,
Maggie have a lot in common (intermediate obediance and tracking). Also,
happy birthday to your daughter.