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: glaze sieves

updated fri 28 feb 97


sharon wetherby on wed 12 feb 97

Have not tried making my own sieve yet, but have the materials ready.
Here are Ian Currie's instructions for making a sieve taken from his
book Stoneware Glazes, A Systematic Approach (see page 18).

Use at least an 80-mesh sieve and a small plastic basin (a colander or
bucket that will fit inside a larger glaze bucket). Cut out the bottom
of the plastic basin and cut the mesh into a matching shape 1/4-inch
larger. Trim carefully. Position the basin with the bottom side up,
then place the mesh over the opening. Using a soldering iron, tack the
mesh in four spots pulling the mesh tight. Finally run the iron around
the entire edge keeping the mesh tight. Practice on scraps of mesh and
plastic first.

in Fort Worth, Texas