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#6 tile clay crackle

updated fri 28 feb 97


Michael kline on fri 14 feb 97

For about 10 years I have used #6 tile clay as a salt/soda slip.
My recipe was simply 6T and water, mixed slightly thinner than I would mix
a glaze. I would then dip the greenware when leather hard. In the past it
has always had a fine crackle finish when fired to cone 9-10. In the past 6
months or so I have no crackle and it seems to pop off pots after the
bisque stage that have been paddled . I have added 5% Bentonite to solve
the popping off problem.
My guess is that since I haven't changed my clay body it must be
the 6T. Could it be that my supplier has gotten a shipment from a new
mining site. That's my guess. Has anyone had the same experience recently?

Michael Kline
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