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# 9 phoenix #9

updated fri 24 oct 97


Pat Everson on fri 24 oct 97

Phoenix #9

Hello Everyone,
The only exciting thing that happened today was going up with more rows for a
total of 20 finished. Have been walking on a scaffold of blocks and had to
build it up higher in order to work. Also able to stand in chamber and work
around walls. Still only using mortar in order to level.
Reminder: Oct. 29, 4pm, is the Grand Opening Gala for the new ceramic
complex and would be an excellent opportunity for anyone to see the phoenix.
I am going to be in New Mexico but the instructor is Ana England. Introduce
yourself and tell her you heard about it here. You can also talk to students
Jess, Ken, Linda, Pat, Rosemary, or Tammy who have helped build it. If you
get there please drop me a line telling me about it.