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"signature" responses

updated tue 30 sep 97


john eden on sat 27 sep 97

Well, I must admit that when I sent my message concerning "signatures" I did
not think that very many clayarters would give it much thought. A lot of
other people over the last year or so have suggested the same thing without
much happening. So I was just trying to encourage everybody to indicate
their location. It is rather nice to know roughly where people are and it
is good to see more people using signatures that give us an indication of
that. Of course those like my self who have e-mail addresses that indicate
the province or state and country have it easy. I certainly did not want to
put those people who use AOL or other systems that do not show the location
of the user under any kind of pressure. I am still happy to read your
messages. :-)
Cheers, John

John Eden
Ceramics Department
John Abbott College
Ste. Anne de Bellevue
Quebec, Canada.
514-457-6610. ext. 395
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