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updated fri 31 jan 97


Craig Martell on sun 5 jan 97

In a message dated 97-01-04 10:10:16 EST, Eleanora Eden wrote:

<< BTW, that is my recent super-peeve, (expletive here) people calling my
stuff "product". It's the new blaize crassness, the assumption that we
both know that everybody's just in it for the bottom line.....grrrr..... >>

In response to the usual Art Fair Query, I once told someone that if I were
just making pots for the $$, I would get a job because it's a hard way to
accumulate mass quantities of cash. I told them to come and visit me
sometime and check out my house and car etc. I like where I live, but I
don't think I would impress any upwardly mobile folks with my worldly
possessions. I make pots because I love it and, for me, it has been a
wonderful road to self discovery that I wouldn't trade for a higher paying

Regards, Craig Martell-Oregon