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"handmade" pottery

updated sun 30 jun 96


John Baymore on thu 6 jun 96

From: "Kenneth A. Moore"

.................... ............. I did a two day show this weekend and
passed out hundreds of my "Everything you ever wanted to know about pottery..."
brochure. People were very interested and handing them one gave me a chance to
initiate a short conversation about how my work was all handmade, thrown or
built from a wad of clay, etc. A couple of other potters also picked one up and
will be
making copies to distribute. All in all, very well accepted. ........ .

Manassas, VA
....still looking for a used pugmill....
Julie (and all),

For those who are interested in educating the public and who are sensitive to
the issue that many "handcraft" potters have redisovered the industrial
revolution through the use of jiggers, ram presses, gang casting, scads of
employees, and the like, there is The Small Studio Alliance.

Membership is limited to studios run by no more than two people who have "hands
on " contact with all phases of the production, and who utiulize equipment like
jiggers or ram presses as a tool for aesthetic problem solving, not mass
production. It is an honor system....... the "TSSA pottery police" aren't out
there .

Membership is $5.00 for a one time fee, and you need to fill out an application
which documents your production methods. You get a membership card for your
showroom or booth, a logo button, and some handouts that can be reproduced to
distribute to customers.

For information or an application contact Ron Larsen at:

Crary Mills Pottery
174 County Route 35
Canton, NY 13617

Send an SASE.


John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
Wilton, NH

member Small Studio Alliance