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"breakaway" handles

updated fri 24 oct 97


Robert Speirs, M.D. 12 4450 on mon 13 oct 97

With the recent posts on potter liability, I wanted to ask for your
opinion on this:

A friend told me last night that the handle on one of a set of mugs I
made for him about 2-3 years ago came off (he got wet!). These large
mugs are made of Laguna B-Mix and were fired to ^9 in oxidation. I have
never heard of anything I have ever made whose handle came off. I don't
often make mugs, but do make a lot of pitchers. So, after all this time
with his doing who-knows-what to it (i.e. certainly put in the
dishwasher all this time, and most likely knocked around) should I be
concerned? Anyway to forsee such a flaw coming to light so far down the
road? I guess I should offer to make him another, huh? The problem is,
I no longer fire to ^9 and am not sure I can duplicate the slip at ^5
that I used to decorate the mug. Of course, this is not your problem.
I'm just thinking outloud.

Well, thanks for your thoughts.

Laura in Oregon